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LumenData, Inc., respects your privacy and is committed to protecting the information we learn about you during your visit to our website. Below we describe what information we collect from our visitors, why we collect it, and how the information is protected.


Your Personal Information

Personal information is required by LumenData, Inc., to enable responses to your inquires. Personal information may include but is not limited to

  • First and Last Name
  • Company/Institution
  • Physical Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Miscellaneous Information


The entity collecting personal information:


LumenData, Inc.
5201 Great America Parkway #320
Santa Clara, CA 95054


Further questions about the privacy policy may be directed to LumenData, Inc., at (855) 695-8636 or


Information Sharing

LumenData, Inc., will not rent, sell, share, or publish personal information supplied by you.


LumenData, Inc. will keep your personal information on file for contact purposes only. If at any time you would like your information removed from our files, please send your request to or call (855) 695-8636.


Information may remain in archived records after your request for removal has been honored even though no information about you remains in our active user databases.


Confidentiality and Security

LumenData, Inc., has put in place reasonable measures to prevent unauthorized access to your personal information including

  • Policies
  • Procedures
  • Technical elements relating to data access controls


Other Information That We Collect

Computers known as “servers” present to the public and routinely store information about operations of the website. Information is collected and recorded for the purposes of statistical analysis, auditing, and technical performance.


Electronic communications protocols automatically receive information from you as part of the communication connection itself, which often consists of network routing information (where you came from), equipment information (browser type), and date and time. The IP address assigned to you by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is routinely collected and stored in log files.


LumenData, Inc., may use tracking technologies on web pages for the purposes of identifying unique user visits. The information provided by these technologies may be re-associated with personal information submitted by visitors.


This information is for internal use only by LumenData, Inc., and the hosting company that provides servers and data transfer.


Policy Changes and Updates

LumenData, Inc., may update this policy when new site features and services affect the information we gather or our use of that information. Notice of changes will be placed prominently on the website.


By using this website, you consent to the terms of our Privacy Policy and to LumenData, Inc.’s processing of personal information for the purposes given above.