LumenData Awarded GSA 1T 70 Contract

LumenData Achieves GSA IT-70 Contract
We are excited to Announce that LumenData has been awarded as an IT Schedule 70 (IT-70) GSA (General Services Administration) contract.


This new contract streamlines the process for Federal, State, and Local government agencies to quickly and easily engage with LumenData on their most imperative MDM (Master Data Management), Data Governance, Systems Integration, Systems Deployment, and other IT transformation and modernization projects.


GSA IT-70 is designed to help federal, state, local, and tribal governments more easily procure IT products and services by using pre-vetted vendors. LumenData is proud to have received this contract award and is excited to continue working with government entities across the U.S.


This contract provides more avenues for us to continue leading transformational data management projects with several agencies at different levels of government. As an example, our work with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) helped the Center gain a 360-degree view of drug lifecycles, which empowers the agency to trace any potential harm, save lives, and quickly respond to changes in supply and demand. LumenData worked to build capabilities within the CDER Informatics Platform, providing design and implementation support and data expertise for the organization’s MDM capabilities. This new data infrastructure has become the definitive source of truth for over 2,000 FDA CDER regulatory reviewers.


To learn more about our GSA IT-70 contract or our work with government entities, please contact Mike Breck at

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