Why effective data management is key to harnessing the potential of generative AI

Data management has become a focal point for companies due to the rising interest in large language models like OpenAI’s ChatGPT. These models have prompted companies to recognize the significance of effectively storing, filtering, and putting guard rails around their data when harnessing the power of AI.

Understanding the relevance of data management

As competition escalates, businesses are under increasing pressure to develop resilient data frameworks capable of supporting the deployment of large language models for diverse business applications. Resilience doesn’t just imply comprehensive data sets; it also necessitates protection against accidental disclosure of sensitive data and ensuring accuracy of critical data elements. 

The introduction of large language models emphasizes the importance of implementing strong data management practices across industries. It highlights the need for companies to establish structured governance around data management. By establishing a well-structured data infrastructure, businesses can swiftly adopt and leverage large language models for tailored purposes such as contract management, customer service, and code generation.

Building a robust data infrastructure in the age of generative AI

To meet the demands of generative AI, some companies have enlisted the help of in-house data experts or external vendors specialized in data infrastructure setup and management. Data, including transaction records, analytics, code, and proprietary information, serves as the foundation for AI models, enabling algorithms to learn patterns and make predictions. Integrating operational data into a centralized data lake is a crucial step in building large language models and ensuring comprehensive data management across the organization. 

Ensuring data quality is vital for effectively training AI models. Proper formatting, organization, and relevance of data are essential to yield meaningful results. Companies are now prioritizing data governance and collaborating with risk officers to define access privileges and establish usage policies. Concurrently, they are partnering with technology officers to seamlessly embed generative AI into their products and platforms. 

Wrapping Up

As companies race to leverage generative AI for a competitive edge, data management emerges as a critical success factor.  

With a strong foundation in data management, companies can unleash the transformative power of generative AI and drive innovation in their respective industries.

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Tarun Batra

Tarun Batra

CEO and Co-founder

Tarun Batra

Tarun Batra

CEO and Co-founder

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