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You’re under tremendous pressure to reduce costs, improve data-driven insights, and automate business processes while maintaining the agility to meet rapidly shifting market demands. No matter which industry you’re in, LumenData will help you transform data complexity into opportunity.

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Case Studies

A Global Investment Bank now has ready access to uniform and accurate customer data for over 200,000 clients and almost 3 million sub-accounts.


Regulatory compliance frequently gets in the way of growth in the financial services and insurance industry. LumenData helps clear those hurdles and provide an efficient means for reporting, audit, compliance, and other requirements while opening a new view into customer growth opportunities.


The Client’s Challenge

With client reference data in silos and divisional systems built using different data definitions, cross-divisional reporting was largely impossible and visibility into complex customer relationships was obscured. Customer data was, therefore, inconsistent leading to inaccuracies and duplications that hindered business growth. Key accounts couldn’t be targeted or engaged effectively and account managers couldn’t see a customer’s total value across divisions.


The LumenData Solution

Leveraging our relationship with Oracle, we worked with the client to deploy a turnkey implementation of Oracle Customer Hub to enable export of customer data daily to a central data warehouse for cross-divisional, cross-initiative reporting. The result was a single view where the business can now align divisional data with customer data and ultimately map product opportunities to individual contacts and accounts with detailed hierarchies. The client also added third-party data to its customer to enrich existing information and identify leverageable relationships.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) now has a 360-degree view of a drug’s lifecycle, which empowers the agency to trace any potential harm, save lives, and quickly respond to changes in supply and demand.


The Client’s Challenge

FDA CDER operates in an increasingly complex, global regulatory landscape. Challenges include rapid advances in biomedical engineering, increasingly complex products, new Congressional mandates, novel and emerging health issues, and an increasingly convoluted international supply chain. To help meet these challenges, CDER initiated a major effort to improve management of key regulatory data over the life of a drug and to better understand the global drug supply chain at a more granular level.


The LumenData Solution

LumenData worked closely with CDER staff and other support contractors to build capabilities within the CDER Informatics Platform. LumenData provided design and implementation support and data expertise for the Master Data Management capabilities within the platform, which is the definitive source of truth for over 2,000 FDA CDER regulatory reviewers. LumenData also designed a multi-domain supply chain model and adjacent data management processes to improve quality, consistency, and availability of data that supports the entire drug regulatory lifecycle.

The University of Colorado is now able to see its 1.5 million constituents across three campuses in a single, secure view.


Higher Education organizations face numerous data challenges, from fragmented student, employee, faculty, and other systems to custom-built registry hubs and inflexible legacy applications. LumenData helps Higher Education integrate applications and gain a consistent view of constituents to avoid data issues that can impact recruitment, enrollment, fundraising, retention, security, and more.


The Client’s Challenge

Over the past decade, the University of Colorado’s PeopleSoft Human Capital Management (HCM) system and legacy Student Information System (SIS) were not integrated around constituent data, so each of the university’s three campuses created their own procedures and systems to manage the data. This resulted in individuals receiving multiple identification numbers, all tied to their Social Security Number (SSN). Their custom database exacerbated the challenge due to limitations, which also made it expensive to manage and prevented it from being synchronized with constituent data, which added security risks.


Federal mandates eventually forced CU to eliminate SSN’s as a unique identifier, which caused further synchronization issues. They decided to retire their legacy Student Information System and replace it with Oracle’s PeopleSoft Campus Solutions (CS) 9.0, which now needed to be synchronized with their existing HCM system. Compounded, these issues created a complicated and disconnected web of constituent information that was time-consuming and awkward to manage.


The LumenData Solution

Our expertise in MDM and long-standing partnership with our software partners helped us to create a centralized way to persist and manage data for all CU constituents, from students, alumni, and faculty, to parents, donors, and more.


The implementation included:

    • De-duplication and synchronization of constituent information across HCM 8.9, CS 9.0, and Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM 9.0.
    • Publication of constituent information to 34 downstream systems, including campus directories, identity (user) provisioning systems, and numerous administrative and academic systems.
    • Retirement of expensive custom solutions to eliminate redundant and cumbersome business logic and to expand integration capabilities, such as moving from nightly batch updates to real-time synchronization.
    • Elimination of various “exception” constituent provisioning systems previously installed to circumvent feature gaps in their custom systems.


With the newly-acquired single view of the truth, CU could now leverage high-quality, real-time data from across its three campuses, reduce IT time and costs, and increase campus system security.


LumenData can help you address your challenges with our Higher Education industry services such as constituent mastering and integrations to other applications, including PeopleSoft, Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS), and Identity Management systems.

Market Resource Partners is now better able to extract business intelligence to prioritize customers and prospects based on business requirements.


Customer and business growth is always a good thing, but it can strain legacy systems and impede internal workflows. LumenData helps modernize data infrastructures so growth can continue while your business operations can keep up with customer demands.


The Client’s Challenge

As the customer and prospect database grew at Market Resource Partners, high data quality became more difficult to maintain in their legacy customer data processing system. Limitations forced their IT team to manually modify customer data files into a common format through SQL Server before loading into Siebel CRM. This increased management costs, delayed data input, and caused data inconsistencies, which resulted in inaccurate reporting, poor list quality, and user frustration. Profitability was also decreasing due to customer dissatisfaction from redundant sales calls and the inability to build smarter, targeted prospecting lists.


The LumenData Solution

LumenData was called upon to help MRP deploy Oracle’s Enterprise Data Quality (OEDQ) product suite, de-duplicate and cleanse their data, and integrate with Siebel CRM. In two weeks, we specified a complete, customized OEDQ solution that allowed them to build and deploy a new system in just four months. Our installation and implementation work included hardware recommendations, IT infrastructure topology, component layout design, hands-on training and best practices, and guidance on aligning OEDQ with MRP’s unique business processes.

Weight Watchers can now provide higher-quality services to existing members while boosting sales effectiveness.


When growth is happening in multiple areas of your business, the need for enabling technologies can sometimes overtake your ability to take a more strategic, methodical approach. LumenData can integrate disparate systems, reduce redundancies and overlap, and help you reduce costs while maintaining your business trajectory.


The Client’s Challenge

With an eye on aggressive growth, Weight Watchers added new customer channels and entered new markets. Global membership numbers exploded, but different divisions found their own, independent solutions to managing member data. As they exceeded 35 million member records across multiple systems, duplicates and fragmented data started to impact growth. As a result, it became harder to get a single, accurate view of members and create targeted communications across web, retail stores, and partner locations. This put a drag on profits, drove up marketing costs, added data cleansing fees, and limited up- and cross-selling effectiveness.


The LumenData Solution

Our combination of strong product knowledge, outstanding customer references, thought leadership, and realistic time and cost estimates set us distinctly apart from the large, global system integrators Weight Watchers also considered. LumenData was selected to deploy Oracle Customer Hub (OCH) for data consolidation and de-duplication of member information in parallel with  a larger strategic initiative to deploy Microsoft Dynamics CRM and a BI data warehouse.


Over nine months, OCH became the source of cleansed and consolidated member data for the CRM and data warehouse, which shielded those applications from upstream data issues. The result was a member database streamlined to 26 million cleansed, accurate records that sales and marketing teams could trust as they reached out to their valuable customers.