Thoughtful Strategy

Plus the skills to make it a reality.

Before you can improve your business you need a clear vision and objectives.
But then you need the expertise to make it a reality.


LumenData helps organizations develop comprehensive strategies for enterprise data management modernization, but we don’t stop there. Our phased approach, honed through our efforts with nearly 100 clients, puts our development, implementation, and other skills to work to minimize risk and disruption, maximize value and opportunity, and do it all as quickly as possible.

Master Data Management

Develop the strategy and gain the expertise to finally achieve the elusive “single view” of your customer, product, constituent, and other data.

Our enterprise experience helps you unify information and eliminate data silos, establish effective processes and metrics to ensure ongoing data management, and uncover the value hidden in complex data connections, relationships, and hierarchies.

Data Governance, Lineage, Catalogs, and Data Quality

Coordinate and align your policies and procedures to ensure high data quality, easy access, and effective management.

We can trace lineage and assess the integrity of your data assets, pinpoint the impact on your information landscape, and remediate data issues with Data Quality and effective data hygiene practices. We wrap all of these initiatives in a common thread of Data Governance to push changes to your Data Catalog and throughout your information systems.

Data Lakes

Build the analytical foundation of your business on modern data lake and warehouse technologies as you transform into a digital- and data-driven enterprise.

As you demand faster execution speeds, better performance, and increased agility from your business, we can help you choose new technologies and maintain legacy systems as you automate, improve, and expand your digital capabilities.

Systems Integration

Integrate disparate and siloed systems faster and with less disruption using our pre-built integrations.

We’ve partnered with Informatica, Snowflake, Dell Boomi, Neo4j, Confluent, Reltio, Semarchy, Collibra, Loqate, Oracle, Salesforce, BlueKai, and several other vendors to help you quickly gain a complete view across the enterprise, no matter if systems are on-premise or in the cloud.

Cloud & Hybrid Deployments

Use our expertise to shift systems to the cloud while maintaining and improving existing legacy systems.

Our pioneering development of innovative hybrid data infrastructures helps you leverage the synergies and advantages of on-premise, cloud, and hybrid data environments.

AI and Predictive Analytics

Evolve and expand your predictive capabilities as more data comes from more systems with more velocity.

Our experts can develop custom algorithms to meet your specific needs and to capture insights from online and offline data, ecommerce transactions and clickstreams, Internet of Things (IoT) devices and sensors, and more.