Our Expertise

The skills to realize your data goals.

You need a clear vision and objectives to improve your organization. You also need the expertise to make it happen.


LumenData helps organizations develop comprehensive strategies to manage and modernize data, but we don’t stop there. Our phased approach, honed through our efforts with over 100 clients, puts our strategy development, technical implementation, and related skills to work to minimize risk and disruption, maximize value and opportunity, and do it all as quickly as possible.

Strategy & Architecture

Data fuels growth, innovation, and intelligence in today’s world. We help you develop the ideal strategy to support your data-driven vision.

Our experience ensures sound strategy development in your quest to modernize data architectures, eliminate data silos, design effective processes, and whatever else is needed to put your valuable data to work. Our technical expertise then helps you design the right infrastructure to turn your vision into reality.

Master Data Management

Develop the strategy and gain the expertise to finally achieve the elusive “single view” of your customer, product, constituent, and other data.

Our enterprise experience helps you unify information and eliminate data silos, establish effective processes and metrics to ensure ongoing data management, and uncover the value hidden in complex data connections, relationships, and hierarchies.

Data Modernization

Organizations with legacy data architectures struggle to maintain pace. We help you evaluate and implement the best approach with the least disruption.

Our experience with cloud, on-premises, and hybrid architectures ensures you take a modern approach to gain more speed, better performance, and increased agility, both in your business and your data architecture. Our technical expertise then helps you choose the best technologies to meet your needs.

Advanced Analytics

Insights turn data into value. We help you evolve and expand your analytical capabilities so your data works for you.

Our experience across industries and use cases works to capture insights from online and offline data, ecommerce transactions and clickstreams, Internet of Things (IoT) devices and sensors, and more. Our technical expertise then provides you with the tools and access to visualize, collaborate, and make data-driven decisions based on those insights.

We Prioritize Data Security And Privacy.

We maintain the highest standards of
data compliances and security.