Informatica launches new, enhanced Databricks-validated Unity Catalog Integrations

In a significant product launch, Informatica introduces upgraded integrations with Databricks-validated Unity Catalog, providing a robust solution for streamlined data onboarding and rapid preparation. As a Platinum Informatica Partner and Strategic Databricks Partner, LumenData expresses enthusiasm for the advantages this integration offers to joint customers. 

“We are thrilled to see that Informatica has completed and certified Unity Catalog integrations across Informatica’s IDMC Data Management platform services. This ensures that our joint customers will have the best user experience on the Databricks Platform providing full data lineage, data governance and compliance intelligence. The result of this tight collaboration will enhance our customers’ machine learning and artificial intelligence workflows by providing accurate governed data to build, train, and manage the underlying ML models.”

How IDMC Customers Will Benefit from Unity Catalog Validated Capabilities

Informatica’s commitment to delivering practical, user-friendly solutions takes a significant step forward with the following enhancements:

1. Seamless data ingestion with CDI validated by Unity Catalog

IDMC customers will be able to perform direct data ingestion from 300+ data source types into Databricks.

2. Automation of Databricks PSL

CDI will automatically manage Databricks Personal Staging Locations. This will simplify workflows for customers and allow them to focus better on generating insights. Automated PSL management ensures dedicated storage space for temporary data pipelines data, resulting in improved data separation, higher performance, expanded data versioning capacity, and cost savings.

3. Native transformation in Databricks Cluster

Customers are now empowered with highly secured data integration and transformation pipelines operating within the Databricks Cluster.

4. No-cost ingestion from 40 popular data sources

Unity Catalog is fully supported by a no–cost edition of CDI. This will enable data transformation for up to 20 million rows or 10 compute hours per month.

5. Modernization of existing data estate

Informatica’s PowerCenter Modernization to Databricks program further extends the value proposition, offering customers self-service capabilities to modernize their existing data estate. The program facilitates the automatic migration of over 90% of PowerCenter workloads to the cloud, converting legacy data pipelines into cloud-native pipelines running on Databricks via Databricks SQL.

Informatica + Databricks: Rapid Deployment with LumenData

LumenData offers end-to-end project support to expedite the deployment of Informatica and Databricks capabilities. Our offerings encompass high-quality strategy, implementation, integration, and proactive maintenance. We’ve co-built a range of cloud products and accelerators aimed at enabling customers to swiftly go live within a few weeks.

Our services are tailored for Informatica and Databricks, providing clients with a proven framework of tools and templates grounded in Informatica’s and Databricks’ product methodologies.

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