Financial Services

Volatility is rampant, new financial technology competitors are more agile, and customers continue to demand more innovation and more speed from financial services firms. Yet transforming how your firm operates requires the data to understand customers and find viable opportunities for change, all while maintaining operations and complying with ever-stringent regulations. We can help you modernize your approach to data so you can continue to serve customers while continuing your forward momentum.

Customer Case Studies

Global Investment Bank


With client data spread across siloed systems, cross-divisional and customer relationship reporting was largely impossible. Key accounts couldn’t be targeted or engaged effectively, account managers couldn’t see a client’s total value, and resulting inaccuracies and duplications hindered business growth.


LumenData helped clear those hurdles and provide a consolidated data source for reporting, audit, compliance, and identifying new opportunities. This single view allowed the business to map product offerings to individual contacts, get a comprehensive view of client value across divisions, and power new business growth.

What Our Clients Say