Supplier 360​

LumenData 360++ Extension for Supplier 360

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Features Offered

Here's How You'll Benefit

Authoritative View

Create and master an authoritative, single view of Suppliers from known systems like Oracle SIM and Coupa systems. Governance controls on Supplier Risk attributes.

Support Two Data Models

Support suppliers with multiple sites having multiple contact details, banks, tax & payment details as well as suppliers with multiple addresses, taxes, payments etc.

Clean, 360-Degree View

Create a clean, 360-degree view system of record for key business entities and related child entities like supplier HO addresses, identity numbers, Tax info, Sites and more.

The LumenData Advantage

Unmatched Expertise

Skilled onshore, near shore, and offshore team with unparalleled experience in the latest data platforms, tools, and products.

Informatica Platinum Partner

Proven framework of tools, templates, best practices based on Informatica’s Velocity methodology. Co-Built Cloud Products with Informatica

End-to-End Project Support

High-quality strategy, implementation, and proactive maintenance services for Informatica cloud products.

Ready to turn data into insights?

Leverage several pre-built capabilities on top of the core product with LumenData’s extension.

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