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Leverage our expertise in the Higher Education industry. Reach and serve Constituents more effectively.

The Higher Education User Group (HEUG) has highlighted a number of complications with constituent data management:

  • Fragmented constituent data across multiple systems (e.g. HRMS, Campus Solution, and Identity Management)
  • Duplicate, inaccurate constituent data
  • Legacy applications with closed interfaces
  • Inflexible custom-built registry hubs

Those complications result in challenges that include

  • Missed recruitment
  • Reduced enrollment
  • Student retention issues
  • Inefficient fundraising
  • Campus safety risks
  • IT security risks
  • Identity management issues
  • Split Human Capital Management (HCM) and Campus Solution databases

LumenData can help you address your challenges with our Higher Education industry services such as constituent mastering and integrations to other applications, including PeopleSoft, Human Resource Management systems (HRMS), and Identity Management systems.

Multiple, complex data management needs?

LumenData’s solution made it simple and seamless for the University of Texas at Dallas.

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Higher Education Solution Accelerator

Leveraging 10+ years of experience in helping customers address challenges within the Higher Education industry, Lumendata has teamed up with Informatica to create a Higher Education Solution Accelerator using Informatica MDM and Data Quality products.


Digital Marketing Automation

Higher education institutions are relying more on MDM solutions and marketing automation to establish and maintain meaningful relationships with students and alumni. Through MDM tools and marketing automation, LumenData is able to help institutions segment their constituents by student behavior and serve and track personalized communications based on the behavior. Today’s MDM and marketing automation tools are able to integrate email, content marketing, social media marketing and comprehensive analytics in order to perform a wide range of functions, including:

  • Definition, segmentation, scheduling, and tracking of marketing campaigns;
  • Build automated workflows to reduce repetitive tasks associated with the marketing process;
  • Nurture students to enroll and advance in their lifecycle;
  • Manage email, SMS, and other social campaigns through deploying, tracking, and ROI assessment;
  • Scoring to identify the lead quality of students and follow-up priorities; and
  • Provide campaign analytics and ROI calculations to attribute engagement and admissions by channel


Data Governance and State‐of-the‐art Data Quality Tools

Frequently, schools are unsure as to the extent of the challenge they face in poor data. LumenData offers an Initial Data Quality Assessment in which we sample data from your systems and create a comprehensive assessment of your data using industry-leading KPIs. LumenData also has deep expertise in implementing leading-edge Data Quality tools such as Informatica IDQ and others, and we can assist you in establishing a Data Governance Center of Excellence using your own resources.


Perform Real-time Address Correction and Enhancement

Leveraging LumenData’s years of expertise in this area, you can perform Address Correction and Enhancement directly from Campus Solutions. This capability will also enable you to de‐duplicate, standardize, and enhance Constituent Data across all Campus Systems.


Leverage Post‐Production Services

In response to demand from clients, LumenData offers services to monitor, maintain and upgrade Data Quality and MDM systems.

For DQ implementations, we can help assess, clean, consolidate, and migrate data on a continuous basis. We perform ongoing DQ audits based on a pre‐agreed format and frequency and provide these audits for management as well as IT teams. Our reporting and analytics are based on metrics and ROI calculations that will directly link IT investments to business value. In doing so, we provide continuous visibility of the quality of your data in a predictable, reliable way.

For MDM implementations, we provide full support for ongoing data loads remotely or on site. We help to manage MDM workflows, configuration, integrations, and processes so that they run continuously without downtime. Our team of skilled experts can perform most of these tasks remotely.

Why Choose LumenData?

Enterprise Data Management Expertise. At LumenData, we focus exclusively on MDM, Data Quality, and Data Governance. And with our deep-rooted product knowledge from decades of experience in leading and developing MDM products at major MDM software companies, we understand what it takes to implement MDM quickly and with lower risk.

Data Governance and Data Quality. A governance program that supports data-related decisions and actions is crucial to the success of your MDM implementation. LumenData’s Data Governance services help to coordinate and align all stakeholders on data policies and procedures. Our Data Quality services span from health checks to enterprise data quality deployments across multiple domains.

Our Partnerships Set Us Apart. We work with our partners to co-build products, influence product direction, and build complementary solutions.  We bring industry-specific expertise by being involved with our partners’ marketing- and customer-facing teams to accurately meet the needs of customers.  Learn more about our Partners.

Pre-built Integration Solutions. In addition to our MDM expertise, LumenData has developed many integration solutions to fast-track MDM deployment. These solutions include integrations to cloud and on-premise applications such as, Peoplesoft, and Siebel CRM.

Cloud Expertise. As some applications move towards the cloud while others stay on-premise, enterprises will face key decisions on how to manage their data across different environments. With our cloud expertise, we can guide you in choosing the most effective environment for your company, whether it is staying on-premise, moving to the cloud, or a hybrid of both.