Powering Healthcare Data with Reltio MDM

The healthcare industry accounts for around 30% of the total global data volume. With an everexpanding data landscape, you might find yourself at a pivotal crossroads when it comes to upgrading your data systems. The blog will delve into the significance of having a clear strategy for modernizing your healthcare

The healthcare industry accounts for around 30% of the total global data volume. With an everexpanding data landscape, you might find yourself at a pivotal crossroads when it comes to upgrading your data systems. The blog will delve into the significance of having a clear strategy for modernizing your healthcare data infrastructure, with a focus on modern data platforms like Reltio that can guide you toward this goal.

Understanding the value of high-quality data in healthcare

Consider a medium-sized healthcare entity having data scattered across multiple systems. For example, the cardiology department uses ‘X’ system to maintain electronic health records while the radiology department uses ‘Y’ system. Consequently, patient data remains siloed, making it difficult for different specialists to access complete medical histories. Also, it is possible that patients have multiple records under different variations of their name or with outdated information. For instance, Sarah Jones might have records under ‘Sarah Jones,’ ‘S. Jones,’ and others, leading to potential medical errors and misdiagnoses. Moreover, when there’s absence of unified data, it might slow down the pace of clinical research and limit the healthcare organization’s ability to contribute to the broader medical community.


Investing in data management solutions can help resolve such challenges and ensure data integration, accuracy, standardization, safety, and quality assurance. Let’s quickly go over some top benefits of data management in the healthcare industry:

1. Enhanced patient care


Data management conducted with the help of modern data platforms plays a pivotal role in improving patient care. It centralizes patient information from various sources such as EHRs, diagnostic tests, and treatment plans, eliminating data silos. Healthcare professionals get a holistic view of a patient’s medical history, enabling them to make more informed decisions and tailor treatment plans to individual needs. Furthermore, modern data management facilitates real-time data analysis, allowing medical experts to monitor patients’ conditions and treatment progress more effectively. When data is continuously updated and more readily accessible, monitoring a patient’s symptoms and response to medication becomes more efficient. This also allows for timely interventions and adjustments to treatment plans, ultimately leading to optimized patient outcomes.


2. Improved operational efficiency


Effective data management streamlines various administrative processes, reducing errors, and saving valuable time. Medical staff can access patient information swiftly, leading to shorter wait times, minimized appointment conflicts, and more accurate billing and insurance claim procedures. Data management also optimizes resource allocation. It enables healthcare facilities to track equipment utilization and supplies in real-time, thereby ensuring that the right resources are available when they are needed most.


3. Optimized patient-centered experiences


Robust data management involves security measures and compliance features that safeguard sensitive patient information. When patient privacy is guaranteed, it leads to maximized patient engagement. Easily accessible medical data empowers patients to be more proactive in managing their health. Furthermore, when patient data is consistent, accurate, and easily accessible, healthcare professionals can offer timely updates on test results and make quick preventive care recommendations. This, in turn, builds better patient trust.

Healthcare data management with Reltio

Reltio MDM ushers in a new data management era, providing a unified platform where data flows seamlessly, fostering collaboration and precision in decision-making. It not only enhances patient care but also optimizes administrative processes, making healthcare delivery more efficient than ever. Reltio is trusted by top global healthcare organizations worldwide such as Fairview, GE Healthcare, Mercury Healthcare, Sun Pharma, and more. With Reltio’s tailored healthcare data solution, you can gain access to timely, trusted data, allowing you to prioritize what truly matters – patient-centered care. Here are some top advantages of leveraging the Reltio platform:

  • The modern, cloud-native platform unifies, cleanses, and enriches your data from various sources and helps you gain a 360-degree view of patients, providers, and members. Furthermore, it helps you offer engaging self-service options with accurate and up-to-date portals.
  • It is HITRUST-certified and HIPAA compliant, reflecting its dedication to safeguarding your sensitive information. Reltio’s robust security measures are designed to protect every piece of PHI and PII with utmost diligence.
  • The Reltio Healthcare Velocity Pack comes with a ready-to-use data model and preconfigured settings that streamline the implementation of your initiatives.
  • The data platform also provides you with optional connectors with seamless integration with a range of platforms including Salesforce, D&B, Snowflake, and more.
  • Reltio’s commitment to trusted data translates into an enhanced provider and member experience. It allows for the visualization of critical provider relationships with healthcare organizations, insurance plans, and patients. This way, it becomes easier to reduce referral leakage, streamlines physician enrollment and onboarding procedures.

Wrapping up

LumenData stands as a proud partner in the Reltio ecosystem. We helped a leading pharmaceutical manufacturing company achieve data modernization with Reltio MDM deployment. We offered solutions such as real-time implementation of data sources, formalization of data quality rules, and appropriate RIH recipes. The success story exemplifies how, as a dedicated Reltio partner, LumenData excels in implementing cutting-edge solutions to resolve data complexities and drive transformative results for customers. Talk to us to discuss your data triumphs!




Shalu Santvana

Content Crafter

Mohd Imran

Senior Consultant

Mohd Imran

Senior Consultant

Shalu Santvana

Content Crafter

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