Data Quality

Data Quality is much more than just data cleansing and scrubbing.

Organizations face significant challenges in maintaining data quality and integrity because data has increased exponentially in complexity, variety, and volume.  Today, customer data comes from a variety of channels in a variety forms, and both product and customer data often reside inconsistently and in duplication across multiple applications.

These challenges lead to impacted business functions, including

  • Increased marketing costs and missed opportunities due to inaccurate customer data
  • Loss of revenue and customers due to inaccurate product data
  • Increased staffing cost and decreased productivity
  • Inaccurate analytics and reporting

LumenData provides strategy, consulting, implementation, and integration services for a variety of Data Quality systems by leading independent vendors including

  • Oracle Data Quality (ODQ)
  • Oracle Enterprise Data Quality (EDQ)
  • Datanomic and Silver Creek Systems technologies
  • Informatica Data Quality
  • Informatica Identity Resolution (IIR)
  • Informatica AddressDoctor
  • Trillium