Public Sector

Agencies across Federal, state, and local governments are under pressure to modernize, leverage information to streamline operations, make data-driven decisions, and ease interactions with all stakeholders. But that is increasingly difficult as data volumes continue to explode and many agencies are tethered to old, inflexible, disparate legacy data management infrastructures.


With our laser focus on data, LumenData provides expert data management guidance to Public Sector entities and agencies at all levels. Our services help our clients better manage the data they have, more easily use that data to benefit their stakeholders, and quickly comply with emerging mission demands, such as new laws and regulations. We assist in successful modernization and digital transformation efforts and help bridge the gap between legacy systems and new tools/technology.

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Public Sector Contracts and Capabilities

LumenData is certified as an SBA minority-owned small business and has been awarded a GSA IT-70 contract.


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Customer Case Studies

Food and Drug Administration (FDA)


The FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) operates in a complex regulatory landscape while dealing with challenges of changing mandates, emerging health issues, and an increasingly strained global supply chain. So CDER set out to improve its management of key regulatory data over the life of a drug and to better understand the related supply chain impacts.


LumenData provided design, implementation, and data expertise to create a single source of truth for over 2,000 regulatory reviewers, as well as improvements in the quality, consistency, and availability of critical decision-making data. CDER can now see the entire supply chain to trace potential harm, save lives, and quickly respond to market shifts.

Department of Labor (DOL)


The DOL embarked on a mission to modernize its data analytics capabilities and bolster its data governance efforts. The goals were to enable faster application delivery, reduce operations and maintenance costs, and enhance its cyber-security posture.


LumenData worked closely with the DOL to develop its data governance program, including the framework, assessment process, and technology evaluations. We conducted numerous assessments on data from disparate DOL agencies, using our proprietary custom tools to facilitate the analysis. As a result, we were able to evaluate several large datasets (hundreds of attributes, thousands of records) in a matter of days.

University of Colorado


The University of Colorado struggled to integrate student, staff, faculty, and other constituent data as each of the university’s three campuses managed its own procedures and systems. This resulted in individuals receiving multiple identification numbers, and further system limitations were costly to manage and caused security and data synchronization issues.


LumenData worked with the university to retire its legacy systems and replace them with a modern, centralized solution for high-quality, real-time data from across its three campuses. The new approach led to improved regulatory compliance and avoided penalties, improved business processes, helped departments scale to meet growing needs, and empowered university decision-makers with fast, direct access to a trusted 360-degree view of constituent data.

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