Webinar: Economic Impact of Modern Data Infrastructure

Webinar: Economic Impact of Modern Data Infrastructure

A modern data warehouse can greatly improve your bottom line


While more and more enterprise marketing and data teams are realizing how essential it is for their company to consolidate data into a modern data warehouse, there are still many that can’t quite get past the central issue for all businesses: net cost.


That’s why we’ve partnered with MarTech Review and MessageGears to study the costs and financial benefits across the breadth of large organizations, and our next webinar will provide an in-depth examination of the data that shows how beneficial modern data warehouses can be:

  • Avoid expensive hardware, free up time for technical staff, and democratize data access
  • Companies who do this can move in a more agile way for years to come
  • By investing in a modern data warehouse, they stand to save more than $2.5 million each year


Join us on March 25 at 11 a.m. PT/2 p.m. ET for a 30-minute webinar with experts from MessageGears, LumenData, and MarTech Review exploring how modern data warehouses can be the key to making your data more accessible and saving millions for your team.