Weight Loss Company

By utilizing the Oracle Customer Hub (OCH) by LumenData, a world-leading weight loss company can more effectively provide its services to existing members as well as boost sales.

The Problem:

Like many high growth companies, as this weight loss company grew in membership globally, added new customer channels, and entered new markets, its different divisions adopted their own, separate systems to manage member data. This resulted in over thirty-five million member records —many duplicate—distributed across multiple systems with no ability to cross-reference these records. As a result, it became harder to get a single, accurate view of the members and optimize member communications across disparate touch points such as web, retail stores, and partner locations.

The company had three separate systems for managing member data. This fragmentation of member data most directly resulted in higher cost of communications such as duplicate mailings to members and increased fees for third party data cleansing, e.g. address corrections by postal services. It also resulted in inefficient marketing and potential loss of revenue such as the inability to gain a more accurate and complete view of the members for cross-selling and up-selling purposes.

What We Did:

In order to consolidate and de-duplicate member information across multiple heterogeneous systems and create a single view of members, the weight loss company selected the leading customer data integration solution Oracle Customer Hub. This project was part of a larger strategic initiative that included the deployment of Microsoft Dynamics CRM application and a BI data warehouse. The company selected LumenData over other competitors to deploy Oracle Customer Hub (OCH) because of LumenData’s comparative domain knowledge and experience in Master Data Management. A combination of strong product knowledge, outstanding customer references, thought leadership, and realistic time and cost estimates set LumenData distinctly apart from the large, global system integrators the company competed against. OCH acted as the source of cleansed and consolidated member data for CRM and data warehouse applications thereby shielding those applications from upstream source data issues. As a result, thirty-five million fragmented member records were reduced to twenty-six million cleansed, unique records. The project involved five consultants and took approximately nine months, including the core application configuration that took about three months.

Solutions Implemented:

Oracle Customer Hub (OCH)