Market Resource Partners (MRP)

With the Oracle Enterprise Data Quality Product Suite, MRP is now better able to extract business intelligence from its previously inconsistently stored data to prioritize list contacts based on business requirements.

The Problem:

As MRP’s database of prospects, customers, and accounts grows, high data quality becomes more difficult to maintain through the original customer data processing system. MRP’s IT staff was manually modifying each variously formatted customer data source file into a common format through SQL Server before importing the source files into Siebel CRM. Manual processing of the large amount of data meant delayed data input and duplicate and inconsistent records, which resulted in inaccurate reporting, poor list quality, and user frustration. Profitability decreased due to customer dissatisfaction from duplicate sales calls per lead and the inability to use collected data to build smarter, targeted sale lists. Costs increased because of inefficient data processing and redundant sales efforts.

What We Did:

In order to de-duplicate and cleanse the customer data, MRP selected Oracle’s Enterprise Data Quality (OEDQ) Product suite to integrate into Siebel 7.8. LumenData was chosen by MRP over other system integrators to implement OEDQ because LumenData’s combination of business and technical domain knowledge would help MRP gain the best leverage from their DQ initiative and achieve the greatest business success.

In just two weeks, LumenData provided MRP with a complete, customized OEDQ solution that allowed them to build and deploy the new system within only four months. LumenData’s installation and implementation work included hardware recommendation, IT infrastructure topology, component layout design, hands-on training on the product and best practices, guidance on how to use OEDQ in a non-standard way that aligned with MRP’s unique business processes, and solution design recommendations. LumenData’s collaboration lasted eight weeks in total.