Investment Bank

Through implementation of the Oracle Customer Hub (OCH) and additional functionality by LumenData, a Global Investment Bank now has ready access to uniform and accurate customer data for over 200,000 clients and almost 3 million sub-accounts.

The Problem:

Historically, client reference data have been placed in silos with each division defining the data differently.  Divisional reporting systems were built without considering the need for common data attributes, so creating, viewing, and maintaining complex relationships among companies and contacts posed a challenge, and cross-divisional reporting was largely impossible.  Additionally, there was no way to know which system contained the most accurate and up-to-date information.  The result was inaccuracies and variant duplications of customer data.

Management from the Global Investment Bank expressed the following concerns:

  • Programs that focused on key accounts within a country or market segment require cross-divisional and cross-system data such as revenues and key decision makers were not adequately supported with such information
  • A single client company and its subsidiaries potentially mapped to several hundred identities
  • Key account and other program managers had trouble seeing interactions with clients across the bank in order to understand the total client value
  • Data quality varied widely, with significant impact on the bank’s ability to do business

What We Did:

Based on our expertise in MDM and our long-standing partnership with Oracle, the Global Investment Bank engaged LumenData for a turnkey implementation of Oracle Customer Hub that would enable the bank to export data daily to a client data warehouse that supports cross-divisional, cross-initiative reporting.

Business results included:

  • Oracle Customer Hub data stewards can easily align divisional data with the enterprise client hierarchy to support sales credit reporting and merge the best quality contact data into a “golden source” of individual client contact data
  • Users can use matching/scoring information to align new divisional data with enterprise client hierarchy and can see divisional client mappings of all hierarchies on a single screen

With the newly acquired single view of the truth, the Global Investment Bank can now leverage high-quality, real-time data from divisional repositories to create a cross-enterprise view of global and regional client hierarchies and subaccounts.

The next steps for the bank are adding attributes to its client hierarchy, incorporating third-party data to enrich existing information, and creating additional client-to-client relationships.