Product Mastering

Maximize your investment in product data mastering.

We can integrate your product information across multiple silos to create a single enterprise-wide view of your products.  Our solution professionals have comprehensive expertise across multiple industries including High Technology & Manufacturing, Financial Services, Retail, Communications, and Media and Entertainment.

Still wasting money and manpower with manual report updates?

This Fortune 500 Insurance Provider was until LumenData automated their system and improved their business management.

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We offer leadership in all aspects of product data mastering implementations, including:

Unified Product Master

  • Creating a single view of product attributes, relationships, and hierarchies
  • Establishing universal product ID and associated cross references
  • Establishing Product Sales Configurations for Bill of Material (BOM) – Manufacturing and Service Industries

Closed Loop Data Quality Management

  • Importing product data from multiple sources
  • Creating and extending semantic hierarchies
  • Performing data cleansing and de-duplication and creating a single “blended” product record

Product Data Policy Management

  • Establishing data validation and description generation rules
  • Setting up policies and triggers for proactive product data management
  • Creating necessary reports and executive dashboards


  • Implementing product data integration strategy e.g. real time, batch, ad hoc etc.
  • Creating interfaces and pre-built processes for linking master data repository with multiple product catalogs
  • Setting up flexible product searches and a comprehensive integration repository

Why choose LumenData?

Enterprise Data Management Expertise. At LumenData, we focus exclusively on MDM, Data Quality, and Data Governance. And with our deep-rooted product knowledge from decades of experience in leading and developing MDM products at major MDM software companies, we understand what it takes to implement MDM quickly and with lower risk.

Data Governance and Data Quality. A governance program that supports data-related decisions and actions is crucial to the success of your MDM implementation. LumenData’s Data Governance services help to coordinate and align all stakeholders on data policies and procedures. Our Data Quality services span from health checks to enterprise data quality deployments across multiple domains.

Our Partnerships Set Us Apart. We work with our partners to co-build products, influence product direction, and build complementary solutions.  We bring industry-specific expertise by being involved with our partners’ marketing- and customer-facing teams to accurately meet the needs of customers.  Learn more about our Partners.

Pre-built Integration Solutions. In addition to our MDM expertise, LumenData has developed many integration solutions to fast-track MDM deployment. These solutions include integrations to cloud and on-premise applications such as, Peoplesoft, and Siebel CRM.

Cloud Expertise. As some applications move towards the cloud while others stay on-premise, enterprises will face key decisions on how to manage their data across different environments. With our cloud expertise, we can guide you in choosing the most effective environment for your company, whether it is staying on-premise, moving to the cloud, or a hybrid of both.