Predictive eCommerce

Leverage offline and online customer data to derive entirely new insights.

Ad Spend.
Increase online conversion.

LumenData’s Predictive Analytics Platform makes it easy to use machine learning algorithms for real-time classification of your customer’s click stream.

Understand Your Customers Better
LumenData’s unique Prediction Engine, coupled with your PII data and BlueKai data can derive entirely new insights into your shoppers and customers. Whether you are a B2B or B2C business, this level of insight (using proprietary derivatives of BlueKai, Census, referrer, and other data) will give you unprecedented behavioral signals.

Optimize Ad Spend
Understanding customers is critical but leveraging that insight to business benefit is key. LumenData can help optimize your Remarketing and Display campaigns and associated ad spend with our predictive algorithms.

Increase Conversion Rates
Whether a shopper is on your site for the first time, or a repeat shopper, leverage our DMP-informed proprietary algorithms to create dynamic websites to optimize conversion rates. We can alert you in real time when different types of people come to your site and associated behavior patterns, from which you can optimize conversions.

Powering these new capabilities, are our algorithms and streaming data infrastructure.

Intelligent Algorithms
Our catalog of machine learning algorithms classifies streaming data into discrete actions in real time with up to 99% accuracy.  Use this information to derive entirely new insights about your customers.

Streaming Data Infrastructure
We provide the infrastructure necessary to collect, store, and classify streaming data — all as a service.  Stay focused on growing your business while we manage the massive amounts of data.

Analytics and Visualizations
Aggregate data from multiple sources, including DMP, Census, and other publicly available data to perform analytics across the entire customer base.  Discover and visualize valuable insights for better customer segmentation and smarter product development.


In addition to developing custom algorithms specific to your needs, we are also available to build custom SaaS applications that use our machine learning algorithms.

We have developed algorithms for multiple markets including recruiting, venture capital, healthcare, manufacturing, e-commerce, and online education.