Predictive IoT

Aggregate raw data to make meaningful predictions in real time.

LumenData’s Predictive Analytics Platform makes it easy to use machine learning algorithms for real-time classification of streaming data from connected apps, devices, and sensors.

Intelligent Algorithms
Our catalog of machine learning algorithms classifies streaming data into discrete actions in real-time with up to 99% accuracy.  Use this information to make better predictions and smarter apps.

Streaming Data Infrastructure
We provide the infrastructure necessary to collect, store, and classify streaming data, all as a service.  Stay focused on growing your business while we manage the massive amounts of data.

Analytics and Visualizations
Aggregate data from all of your devices to perform analytics across the entire data set.  Discover and visualize valuable insights for better customer segmentation and smarter product development.

In addition to developing custom algorithms specific to your needs, we are also available to build custom SaaS applications that use our machine learning algorithms.

We have developed algorithms for multiple markets including recruiting, venture capital, healthcare, manufacturing, e-commerce, and online education.