Improve hierarchy management and manage new product introductions more effectively.

Turn raw sensor data into actioning information with machine learning algorithms.

Firms in the High-Tech and Manufacturing industries encounter many challenges that require them to have an accurate, standardized, and single view of the customer and the product. Challenges include:

  • Inaccurate orders: Lack of data quality in customers as well as products result in inefficient order processing.
  • Inventory controls that are not optimized: Lack of visibility on the products results in mismanaged inventory thereby increasing the costs.
  • Global supply chains: Incorrect or non-standardized product and customer data ripples through the global supply chain, thereby negatively impacting the entire product life cycle.
  • Complex product parts: Many high technology and manufacturing companies have complex hierarchical components and parts that need to be managed accurately and easily.
  • Delayed product introductions: The competitive high-tech environment requires rapid product changes that is not possible with inaccurate dates.

LumenData can help you address these challenges with our unique Predictive Analytics and/or MDM offerings.