High Tech

Organizations around the world are dealing with a changing workplace and workforce, and most are turning to technology to fill the gaps and circumvent disruptions. But as the high tech industry benefits from increasing IT budgets, only those with deep data insights will have the agility to quickly spot opportunities and outpace competitors while sidestepping cybersecurity, supply chain, and other roadblocks. We can help you modernize your approach to data so you can continue to innovate ahead of the market and better serve current and future customers.

Customer Case Studies



F5, a multi-cloud application security and delivery company, was transitioning to a SaaS business model. Its existing revenue operations processes were inefficient, however, while a collection of disconnected legacy systems prevented visibility into a consolidated view of customer and contact data and slowed data stewardship efforts.


LumenData helped F5 create an MDM hub to standardize data models, cleanse data, and merge business entities. Working with third-party data provider D&B, LumenData further enriched the data with company profiles and hierarchies and then extended those hierarchies to contacts and account relationships. The master data was then published to downstream data warehouses to fuel analytics and reporting.

Healthcare Solutions Developer


A global leader in healthcare software and solutions was in the midst of unprecedented opportunities in the evolving healthcare landscape. The industry was clamoring for new technology, new services, and new ideas to deliver improved outcomes for businesses and patients. But with an aging technology infrastructure, the company couldn’t move fast enough.


LumenData advised the company on ways to support, accelerate, and expand their strategic objectives through better data utilization. The initial focus was on modernizing its data systems by migrating to the cloud, and then integrating with the company’s existing operational systems to provide a more comprehensive view of the entire business. The result was cleaner, standardized data the company could now use to fuel automation and enhance overall decision making.

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