Every aspect of the healthcare industry has been fundamentally altered. Yet the demands of patients, providers, payors, regulators, and other constituents continue to increase. Data can provide quick insights to help you keep pace, but only if it’s accessible while being adequately secured and properly governed. We can help you modernize your approach to data so you can continue to reduce costs, minimize errors, and ensure higher levels of care.

Customer Case Studies

Versant Health


As one of the nation’s leading managed vision care companies, Versant had outgrown its data infrastructure and began facing regulatory compliance issues. Data was difficult to find and data quality was questionable, which lead to errors in claims payments. A reliance on manual processes further invited risky and costly mistakes.


LumenData worked to standardize and automate Versant’s data systems and processes to eliminate data quality issues, remove duplicated effort, and increase data management productivity. In turn, Verstant increased reporting accuracy, reduced compliance issues, cut infrastructure maintenance costs, and dramatically reduced errors in claims payments.

Global Biomedical Supplier


A global supplier of surgical and patient monitoring products has a strategy to grow both organically and through acquisition. The frequent mergers created a fragmented web of data across disparate systems, a lack of standard processes, and quality issues in critical customer and product data.


LumenData guided the company as it standardized systems and processes to improve data quality, remove duplicate effort, and optimize processes. With more visibility into end-to-end customer and business data, the company was able to accelerate time to market, improve market targeting, speed the integration of newly acquired businesses, and more efficiently fulfill compliance reporting requirements. Combined, the business improvements also helped to enhance the company’s overall profitability.

Large Private Healthcare System


One of the largest private healthcare systems in the U.S. was hamstrung by inconsistent data, outdated data, and disparate systems. It forced clinicians to spend too much time on non-clinical tasks, led to wasted supplies, and caused highly variable product utilization. Coupled with pending FDA mandates, the provider needed a better way to track and manage supplies.


LumenData guided the provider in the deployment of a new, central repository for supply data, from contracts to specific products, and then in cleansing existing data to ensure trust in the new system. LumenData then integrated the system with third-party tools to automate validation and maintain data cleanliness. Now, the provider has a dependable data source and easy access for ongoing reporting and analysis.

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