Self-storage Company Leverages LumenData’s Expertise in BlueKai for Unique and Differentiated Customer Insights

October 12, 2016

LumenData has developed significant expertise in BlueKai.

warehouse-storageWorking with a leading self-storage company, LumenData has been able to analyze customer and prospect funnels to improve conversions and to optimize ad spending. By combining the client’s first-party data (MDM) and third-party data (BlueKai), LumenData has been generating 200-400 unique insights per arriving shopper within milliseconds of arrival — even if the shopper hasn’t logged in and has never visited the client’s website before. Insights include in-market data, the propensity to purchase, ability to distinguish good customers from the rest, and more. Many of these insights are created by combining customer-specific metrics (e.g., what defines a good customer) with third-party insights and creating predictive models using machine learning. Our client is using these insights to optimize Google ad spend and to develop a more personalized, adaptive ...

The Need for Better Data Analytics Is Driving the Need for MDM at the FDA

October 10, 2016

The FDA, a LumenData client, wants to gain higher quality insights into the US pharmaceutical supply chain and to make the drug approval process more efficient.  Like many others, the FDA understands that improving its effectiveness requires better analytics. But to get better analytics, the data about the key entities of interest, i.e., master data, must be conformed. For the FDA, that means conforming key entities of interests such as the physical facilities, businesses, products, and ingredients.

Traditional master data management (MDM) capabilities, such as improving quality, identifying duplicates, and consolidating master entries across disparate systems, are all critical for better analytics. However, even greater insights can be gained by leveraging MDM to manage and to traverse the complex relationships between these master data entities. Although this work is challenging technically, doing it ...

Case Study: Supermarket Giant Increases Market Presence with MDM

July 13, 2016

As the United States recovered from the Great Recession, retailers faced challenges with customers spending more cautiously and gravitating towards the most economical offerings.

Learn how a Supermarket Giant deployed a Customer Profile Data Hub to increase customer retention and to continue to grow earnings despite the weakened economy.

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Self-storage Company Leverages Predictive Analytics

July 12, 2016

warehouse-storagesqA leading self-storage company is leveraging LumenData’s Predictive Analytics Platform for dramatic improvements in customer retention and retention rates.

LumenData’s unique Prediction Engine, coupled with the storage company’s PII data and BlueKai data is generating entirely new insights into its shoppers and customers. The combination of PII and non-PII data creates a deep understanding of who visits the company’s website, when, and what his/her propensities are.

When our predictive engine generates real-time signals on each shopper, the storage company is able to direct the customer to specific journeys on its website. Different shoppers are presented with different combinations of products and services. The more valuable shoppers are taken through a different set of webpages than others. This leads to higher conversion rates for the company’s best customers.

The next step, beyond understanding their customers, is ...

New Integration Offered for Marketing, Sales, and Cloud Applications

May 4, 2016

LumenData is an Oracle Gold PartnerLumenData announces brand new integration between Customer Data Management, Oracle Sales Cloud, and Oracle’s new ICS (Integration Cloud Service).  Leverage ICS to take advantage of bidirectional search and match, data quality, and data augmentation across all applications.  This is a great way to integrate in your Oracle Marketing, Sales, and Service Cloud applications.  Oracle’s new ICS product is also excellent in integrating across Oracle’s own marketing, sales, and service applications.

LumenData Announces Reseller Agreement for BlueKai

April 29, 2016

LumenData is an Oracle Gold Partner LumenData is a BlueKai ResellerLumenData is pleased to announce that we have signed a reseller agreement with Oracle for BlueKai. Uniquely positioned, LumenData can assist clients in leveraging Oracle Data Cloud data in their eCommerce deployments to increase onsite conversion rates and to optimize AdWords spend.  For more information on how to leverage your PII and non PII data, please contact us.

About BlueKai “BlueKai is the industry’s leading cloud-based big data platform that enables companies to personalize online, offline, and mobile marketing campaigns with richer and more actionable information about targeted audiences. BlueKai’s Data Management Platform (DMP) centrally organizes a company’s customer and audience data in the cloud to help implement personalized marketing campaigns across all channels and deliver better ...

LumenData Expands MDM Offerings with Implementation Alignment Service

May 26, 2015

LumenData announces new Implementation Alignment service that will help companies improve collaboration between its stakeholders

PRLOG (Press Release) – Santa Clara, CA – LumenData’s Implementation Alignment service offers an interactive, in-person, 2-day workshop that guides organizations in creating a common set of goals across its stakeholder groups. The result is quicker alignment across the business and IT teams, leading to faster and better implementations of MDM, Data Quality, and Business Intelligence systems.

For more information about our Implementation Alignment service, please contact us.

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LumenData Expands Service Offerings to Include Enterprise Digital Transformation

May 21, 2015

LumenData announces new Enterprise Digital Transformation (EDT) service to help traditional companies compete in the digital era

PRLOG (Press Release) – Santa Clara, CA – LumenData’s Enterprise Digital Transformation (EDT) service that allows companies to embrace new technology while maintaining their legacy systems so that they can stay competitive in the digital era. With social networks and e-commerce websites setting new benchmarks for speed, agility, and user-friendliness, consumers expect similar online performance from banks, retailers, and telecommunications companies. Attackers born in the digital age give consumers what they want, but many older companies struggle to meet customer expectations. For them, going digital is now a prerequisite for surviving and thriving.

Please contact us to learn more or to request a white paper on LumenData’s EDT service.

View the press release here.

LumenData Welcomes New and Returning Clients for Product Mastering

May 20, 2015

LumenData is pleased to welcome an American federal agency into our portfolio of clients and to continue working with a major television network. Both organizations are using LumenData to implement Informatica MDM and have offered rave reviews on the projects.

If you would like more information about LumenData’s offerings or have opportunities that can benefit from LumenData’s in-depth expertise in EIM and/or Big Data, please contact us at

LumenData’s Predictive Analytics platform and Cloud-based MDM solutions

May 19, 2015

Predictive Analytics Engine

Our Predictive Analytics engine continues to generate significant value for our customers. We are now routinely generating 85%+ prediction accuracy for metrics such as Lifetime Customer Value, Cart Abandonment, and others based on clients’ CRM and MDM data. Hosted on Amazon AWS, our engine generates predictions in millisecond intervals, which makes it uniquely suited for deployments requiring real-time responses.

Cloud-based MDM Solutions

Did you know that we can host MDM solutions such as Oracle Customer Hub and Informatica MDM in the Cloud?

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