Global Investment Bank

A Complete View of Customers Opens New Opportunities for a Global Investment Bank



The Client’s Challenge


With client reference data in silos and divisional systems built using different data definitions, cross-divisional reporting was largely impossible and visibility into complex customer relationships was obscured. Customer data was, therefore, inconsistent leading to inaccuracies and duplications that hindered business growth. Key accounts couldn’t be targeted or engaged effectively and account managers couldn’t see a customer’s total value across divisions.


The LumenData Solution


Leveraging our relationship with Oracle, we worked with the client to deploy a turnkey implementation of Oracle Customer Hub to enable export of customer data daily to a central data warehouse for cross-divisional, cross-initiative reporting. The result was a single view where the business can now align divisional data with customer data and ultimately map product opportunities to individual contacts and accounts with detailed hierarchies. The client also added third-party data to its customer to enrich existing information and identify leverageable relationships.



LumenData delivers real results for Financial Services firms.


Regulatory compliance frequently gets in the way of growth in the financial services and insurance industry. LumenData helps clear those hurdles and provide an efficient means for reporting, audit, compliance, and other requirements while opening a new view into customer growth opportunities.


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