LumenData’s Predictive Analytics Platform Named in NGDATA’s List of Top Tools for Data Scientists

August 25, 2017

LumenData’s Predictive Analytics Platform ( has been named in NGDATA’s “Top Tools for Data Scientists: Analytics Tools, Data Visualization Tools, Database Tools, and More.”

The list features fifty tools that aid in visualization, algorithms, statistical programming languages, and databases to help data scientists build predictive models efficiently and effectively. Tools were selected based on their ease of use, popularity, reputation, and features.

LumenData’s Predictive Analytics Platform provides “machine learning as a service for streaming data from connected devices. This tool turns raw data into real-time insights and actionable events so that companies are in a better position to deploy machine learning for streaming data.”

The list notes the following key features for LumenData’s Predictive Analytics Platform:

  • Simplifies the process of making machine learning accessible to companies and developers working with connected devices
  • Cloud platform addresses the common challenges with infrastructure, scale, and security that arise when deploying machine data
  • Creates a set of APIs for developers to use to integrate machine learning into web and mobile apps so that any application can turn raw streaming data into intelligent output

LumenData’s predictive analytics solutions include Predictive eCommerce and Predictive IoT.

For the full list of tools, authored by Angela Stringfellow, please visit here.

NGDATA is a customer experience management solutions company that enables data-driven companies in financial services, media/publishing, and telecom to maximize the value of their customer relationships.