Self-storage Company Leverages LumenData’s Expertise in BlueKai for Unique and Differentiated Customer Insights

October 12, 2016

LumenData has developed significant expertise in BlueKai.

warehouse-storageWorking with a leading self-storage company, LumenData has been able to analyze customer and prospect funnels to improve conversions and to optimize ad spending. By combining the client’s first-party data (MDM) and third-party data (BlueKai), LumenData has been generating 200-400 unique insights per arriving shopper within milliseconds of arrival — even if the shopper hasn’t logged in and has never visited the client’s website before. Insights include in-market data, the propensity to purchase, ability to distinguish good customers from the rest, and more. Many of these insights are created by combining customer-specific metrics (e.g., what defines a good customer) with third-party insights and creating predictive models using machine learning. Our client is using these insights to optimize Google ad spend and to develop a more personalized, adaptive website.

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