The Need for Better Data Analytics Is Driving the Need for MDM at the FDA

October 10, 2016

The FDA, a LumenData client, wants to gain higher quality insights into the US pharmaceutical supply chain and to make the drug approval process more efficient.  Like many others, the FDA understands that improving its effectiveness requires better analytics. But to get better analytics, the data about the key entities of interest, i.e., master data, must be conformed. For the FDA, that means conforming key entities of interests such as the physical facilities, businesses, products, and ingredients.

Traditional master data management (MDM) capabilities, such as improving quality, identifying duplicates, and consolidating master entries across disparate systems, are all critical for better analytics. However, even greater insights can be gained by leveraging MDM to manage and to traverse the complex relationships between these master data entities. Although this work is challenging technically, doing it correctly is a critical key to enabling analytics to unlock real impact for an organization.

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