Top Ten Truths about Data Projects

August 16, 2016

Top Ten Truths about Data Projects
#10     Data is like money.  If you invest it, manage it, and protect it well, it can pay off immensely.  But do any of these poorly, and you’ll regret it.

#9     Development methodologies keep changing.  …Mostly in name.

#8     The only thing more expensive than free software is free software implemented by the lowest bidder.

#7     Master Data Management is a transitional state until you get to the fully integrated environment…  And once you’re there, you’ll need to add another system.

#6     Big data is incredibly valuable unless someone forgot to govern it.

#5     Agile is great, but knowing your real requirements is better.

#4     If data governance is painful, too slow, or too costly, it’s being done wrong.

#3     Choosing the lowest cost integrator is like choosing the cheapest plumber…  Once they’re done, it looks great!!  The flood won’t come until later…

#2     Data is great, but like a teenager, it has a tendency to just sit there.  But it really can be useful when it’s finally in motion!

#1     Business logic and data handling are like two parts of epoxy:  Once they’re mixed, you are stuck for a long time.


By Jeff Klagenberg, LumenData’s Director of MDM

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