Self-storage Company Leverages Predictive Analytics

July 12, 2016

warehouse-storagesqA leading self-storage company is leveraging LumenData’s Predictive Analytics Platform for dramatic improvements in customer retention and retention rates.

LumenData’s unique Prediction Engine, coupled with the storage company’s PII data and BlueKai data is generating entirely new insights into its shoppers and customers. The combination of PII and non-PII data creates a deep understanding of who visits the company’s website, when, and what his/her propensities are.

When our predictive engine generates real-time signals on each shopper, the storage company is able to direct the customer to specific journeys on its website. Different shoppers are presented with different combinations of products and services. The more valuable shoppers are taken through a different set of webpages than others. This leads to higher conversion rates for the company’s best customers.

The next step, beyond understanding their customers, is to optimize Remarketing and Display campaigns and associated ad spend.

Stay tuned for exciting results in this space!