How Data Management Relates to Big Data Success (part 3)

March 11, 2016

What Makes Data Management Successful and Sustainable

How Data Management Relates to Big Data SuccessYou may find that the higher up in the organization you go, the greater the support you’ll receive for data governance in relation to big data and big data success, but most of the work to manage data is not done at the top of the organization.

Success or failure will actually be determined by how willing the people dealing with the data on a daily basis are to adopt and be involved in the data management. The better defined the value proposition and implementation process are, the greater the level of success your organization will enjoy.Data management and governance is an evolutionary process, so there is no final process or last step. To continue to maintain the standards that you have set to handle the ever changing nature of your data, your organization must be proactive and agile. There will always be new data sources, new data points, new analytical tools, new people to run the tools, and new ways of using data to achieve a competitive advantage. Your levels of quality will continue to rise, and your data governance rules will be updated to reflect the change. You may find that some of the important data that you started with is no longer important.

Given a good governance and data management program with viable metrics, an organization can make the most of big data and do so effectively.

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By John Siegman and Jeff Klagenberg, LumenData’s MDM Experts

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