How Data Management Relates to Big Data Success (part 1)

February 23, 2016

Why Data Management Is Critical to Big Data Success

According to recent TDWI research, 89% of organizations still consider big data to be more of an opportunity. How Data Management Relates to Big Data Success Only 11% of organizations view big data to be a problem because few of these “opportunities” yield outcomes that generate revenues higher than the cost of getting the “insights” from big data.  Unfortunately, what many organizations don’t realize is that big data equates to big problems for organizations without an effective data management plan in place to handle it.

Many organizations still struggle with “small” data, so for them, more data does not necessarily mean better.  To make data management even more off-putting, organizations that do recognize big data as an adversary characterize it as something new:  “Big Data Management” (BDM)—yet another solution to implement.  In actuality, good data management is all encompassing and includes all types of data assets!

To avoid being buried by today’s avalanche of data, companies need to have strong data governance and data management processes.  Big data success requires effective and pragmatic data management so that those processes are actually applied and do enable nimble use of data.

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By John Siegman and Jeff Klagenberg, LumenData’s MDM Experts

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