LumenData, a LumenData Company, Nominated for a 2014 SPIFFY Award

August 29, 2014

Telecom Council of Silicon Valley selects as a 2014 SPIFFY Award nominee for Best Mobile Opportunity

PRLog (Press Release) – Santa Clara, CA – 2014 SPIFFY Award, an innovative provider of predictive analytics for machine-generated streaming data, has been identified by the Telecom Council’s Service Provider Forum (SPIF) as one of the best investment opportunities within the mobile sector in the past year and has been nominated for the 2014 SPIFFY Zephyr Award for Best Mobile Opportunity. is now a part of LumenData, a privately held company.

“LumenData is a great example of the kind of innovative company with unique solutions, which our members have an interest in. They approach a big need from a fresh angle, providing a unique value proposition to our telecommunications community,” says Liz Kerton, President of the Telecom Council. “At the SPIFFYs, we honor the best of the best, so we are proud to add, a LumenData company, to the list of successful machine learning platform startups that have leveraged the Council to meet potential partners.”

“We are honored to be nominated for a 2014 SPIFFY Award for Best Mobile Opportunity,” said Nimish Mehta, CEO of LumenData. “Our predictive analytics platform offers telecom companies the capability to gain real-time insight into their sales & marketing activities and network operations to increase subscribers, reduce churn, and boost profits. With consumers’ priorities constantly changing, the adoption of predictive analytics can help companies in the telecom industry maintain a competitive advantage.”

The SPIFFY Awards annually recognizes the best young telecom companies that were invited to present or demo at the Telecom Council during the year from June through May. Nominees are selected from over 200 promising, early-stage companies representing a broad range of telecom products and services. The top nominees will be honored at the Telecom Council of Silicon Valley’s TC3 Summit. The SPIFFY Awards Reception will be held on October 1, 2014, in Mountain View, CA.

About LumenData’s Predictive Analytics Platform

LumenData’s predictive analytics platform helps companies turn data into actionable insights by leveraging advances in machine learning, big data, and cloud computing technologies to build solutions that offer predictive insights. The platform includes the latest big data technologies and a configurable system that can integrate data feeds from legacy data stores alongside streaming data.

Other examples of where classifying streaming data matters include

  • eCommerce & Retail: Web events, CRM and DMP data can be analyzed in real-time to derive deep insights around Shopper Personas, Cart/Reservation Abandonment probability, CLV, and other propensities and to enable real-time site personalization.
  • Preventive Maintenance: Real-time analysis of machine data allows identification of discrete events, detection of anomalies, prediction of failures, and enables companies to take preventive measures.
  • Manufacturing: Classifying streaming machine data enables powerful predictions on machine energy consumption, efficiencies, and fault tolerances.
  • Telecom: Call detail stream analysis enables Operators to gain real-time insight into their subscribers, reduce churn, and boost profits. Predictions based on such data streams can heighten subscriber satisfaction with their mobile service provider and consequently increase usage of their mobile devices, Inc. was acquired by LumenData, Inc. in December 2013. For more information’s services, please contact

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