Clients Go Live with LumenData Implementations

June 18, 2013

LumenData is proud to announce the successful recent launches for our clients in the Life Sciences, High Technology, Manufacturing, Financial Services, and Retail industries. Solutions launched include Customer Data Hub, Supplier Management Hub, Product Data Hub, Data Quality, and Data Governance.

We are also excited about new upcoming projects with our new clients in the Retail and Higher Education industries and a returning client in the Manufacturing industry.

Our clients are well-established companies from all over the world, including the US, Germany, Switzerland, and Japan. These well-established companies have been in business for between 25 and 200 years with up to 160,000 employees each.

Recently launched clients in the Life Science industry include pharmaceutical companies that have been in business for over 150 years. They rank among the top 175 on Forbes lists such as America’s Largest Private Companies and Global 2000 and bring in revenue as high as $53 billion a year. Solutions deployed include Supplier Management Hub, Customer Data Hub, and Data Quality.

In the High-technology and Manufacturing industries, we launched a Product Data Mastering solution for an international consumer electronics developer that has been recognized on lists that include Global 2000, World’s Most Powerful Brands, and Most Innovative Companies. A Data Quality solution was implemented for a two century-old transportation company that is highly ranked on Forbes’s Global 2000 list. Additionally, we are looking forward to renewing our relationship with a previous client that has shown much confidence in our work. The century-old company specializes in engines for heavy equipment and is also highly ranked on the Global 2000 list.

In the Financial Services industry, we implemented Customer Data Hub for a returning Global 2000 customer that offers financial solutions to private, corporate, and institutional clients globally.

Clients in the Retail industry saw launches for Customer Data Hub, Supplier Management Hub, Product Hub, and Data Quality, and Data Governance. These clients have been recognized to be among the Most Innovative Companies, America’s Largest Private Companies, the World’s Most Powerful Brands, and Global 2000. Solutions launched addressed data challenges related to member records and product information for high quality nutritional supplements, vehicles, computer products, and food & beverages.

And in the Higher Education industry, we are looking forward to working with one of America’s Top Colleges to implement a Customer Data Hub and Data Quality solution for its constituents.

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