LumenData Welcomes Ken Readus in His New Leadership Role

September 11, 2017

Ken Readus rejoins LumenData’s Leadership Team as Vice President of Sales

PRLOG (Press Release) – Santa Clara, CA – Ken Readus, Vice President of SalesLumenData, a leading provider of Enterprise Information Management (EIM) services, is pleased to announce the appointment of Ken Readus as Vice President of Sales.

In his previous role at LumenData as Client Partner, Ken was extensively involved in the development of LumenData’s Master Data Management (MDM), Data Quality, and Data Governance practice and the growth of new business development opportunities. As the new Vice President of Sales, Ken’s in-depth familiarity with LumenData’s practice is a key component to helping the company tailor solutions to the meet the ever-evolving demands of EIM and to growing the company’s clientele.

Ken is a technology and global business visionary with over 36 years of executive and hands-on experience in data mastering, prediction systems, and data lakes ...

LumenData’s Predictive Analytics Platform Named in NGDATA’s List of Top Tools for Data Scientists

August 25, 2017

LumenData’s Predictive Analytics Platform ( has been named in NGDATA’s “Top Tools for Data Scientists: Analytics Tools, Data Visualization Tools, Database Tools, and More.”

The list features fifty tools that aid in visualization, algorithms, statistical programming languages, and databases to help data scientists build predictive models efficiently and effectively. Tools were selected based on their ease of use, popularity, reputation, and features.

LumenData’s Predictive Analytics Platform provides “machine learning as a service for streaming data from connected devices. This tool turns raw data into real-time insights and actionable events so that companies are in a better position to deploy machine learning for streaming data.”

The list notes the following key features for LumenData’s Predictive Analytics Platform:

Simplifies the process of making machine learning accessible to companies and developers working with connected devices Cloud platform addresses the common ...

LumenData and Semarchy Partner to Implement MDM Platform that Leverages Smart Algorithms and Material Design

July 12, 2017

PRNewswire (Press Release) – MDM and Data Governance Summit, San Francisco, CA –

Semarchy announced at the [MDM & Data Governance Summit San Francisco] this week that they will partner with LumenData, a recognized leader in enterprise digital transformation. With in-depth expertise in Data Quality and MDM, as well as extensive background in development and implementation, LumenData furthers the paradigm shared by Semarchy of empowering clients with options on how to manage data and better control its governance.

The two firms said they will focus on helping clients who are frustrated with conventional solutions that limit their flexibility, implementation timeline, and agility, as well as their choice of when or whether to move to the cloud and on which cloud platform.  More information on the partnership can be found on the Semarchy website.

MDM ...

LumenData Has Been Featured in Gartner’s 2017 “Market Guide for MDM External Service Providers” as a Representative Vendor

July 7, 2017

“External service providers of master data management solutions provide substantial value in helping organizations develop strong foundations for their digital strategies.” (Gartner, 2017)

PRLOG (Press Release) – Santa Clara, CA – LumenData, a leading provider of Master Data Management (MDM) and Predictive Analytics solutions, has been recognized as a representative vendor in Gartner’s 2017 “Market Guide for MDM External Services Provider.”

GARTNER is a registered trademark and service mark of Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and internationally, and is used herein with permission. All rights reserved.Authored by Gartner Analysts Bill O’Kane, Saul Judah, Michael Patrick Moran, and Ankush Jain, the 2017 Market Guide advises, “Engaging an external service provider (ESP) with the appropriate skills and experience is a proven way to ensure the success of, and to accelerate, your master data management (MDM) program ...

LumenData Welcomes Stefan Marsland to Its Leadership Team

March 1, 2017

Stefan Marsland has joined LumenData’s Team as Practice Director of Customer Experience

PRLOG (Press Release) – Santa Clara, CA – Stefan Marsland, Practice Director of Customer ExperienceLumenData, a leading provider of Master Data Management (MDM) and Predictive Analytics solutions, is pleased to announce a new leadership role on its team: Stefan Marsland has joined the LumenData Team as Practice Director of Customer Experience.

Stefan joins LumenData with extensive experience in marketing operations strategy, digital marketing, nurture programs, and marketing analytics. He offers a wealth of knowledge in marketing automation platforms, including Oracle Eloqua and Marketo. He has previously managed large scale marketing automation platforms at companies such as CA Technologies, Teradata, Iron Mountain, and American Express.

View the press release here.

LumenData Announces New Leadership Roles on Its Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Team

December 29, 2016

Jeff Klagenberg, Gaurav Tuteja, and David Graham have recently accepted new leadership roles at LumenData

PRLOG (Press Release) – Santa Clara, CA – LumenData, a leading provider of Master Data Management and Predictive Analytics solutions, is pleased to announce three new leadership roles on its team: Jeff Klagenberg has been promoted to the position of Vice President of Service, and Gaurav Tuteja and David Graham have joined the LumenData Team as Practice Directors. Jeff Klagenberg, Vice President of Services

Jeff Klagenberg has accepted the position of Vice President of Services at LumenData. In this role, Jeff is responsible for leading a team of consultants focused on quality and innovation to deliver EIM services and solutions and for developing and enhancing new and existing alliances and client relationships to help organizations make better business decisions.

Jeff brings to LumenData over twenty years of experience in developing solutions that ...

Reltio and LumenData Collaborate on Salesforce Connector

October 19, 2016

LumenData is a Reltio partner.LumenData is pleased to be working with Reltio Engineering to improve the (SFDC) connector. The collaboration has provided our team the opportunity to work with the API as the connector is being developed. We are very excited about the capability that the connector will enable us to offer to Reltio customers.

To learn more about how this connector can benefit your company, please contact us.

Salesforce Integration Available for Oracle’s CDM & CX Suite Using Integration Cloud Service

October 18, 2016

Many companies have (SFDC) in their IT landscape in addition to Oracle’s market-leading CX software, such as Eloqua, Responsys, Maxymyzer, etc. LumenData is an Oracle Gold Partner To enable a 360-degree view within these landscapes, LumenData has developed a real-time, bi-directional integration between SFDC and Oracle CDM using Oracle’s Integration Cloud Service (ICS). Benefits of the integration include data quality, data standardization, data augmentation, de-duplication, and full search match (searches in SFDC automatically return records in Oracle CDM that may not already be in SFDC, thereby preventing duplicates). The integrated system also maintains a cross-reference of all records across all systems connected to Oracle CDM.

To request a video on how our integration works or to discuss how this integration can benefit your company, please contact us.

Self-storage Company Leverages LumenData’s Expertise in BlueKai for Unique and Differentiated Customer Insights

October 12, 2016

LumenData has developed significant expertise in BlueKai.

warehouse-storagesqWorking with a leading self-storage company, LumenData has been able to analyze customer and prospect funnels to improve conversions and to optimize ad spending. By combining the client’s first-party data (MDM) and third-party data (BlueKai), LumenData has been generating 200-400 unique insights per arriving shopper within milliseconds of arrival — even if the shopper hasn’t logged in and has never visited the client’s website before. Insights include in-market data, propensity to purchase, ability to distinguish good customers from the rest, and more. Many of these insights are created by combining customer-specific metrics (e.g., what defines a good customer) with third-party insights and creating predictive models using machine learning. Our client is using these insights to optimize Google ad spend and to develop a more personalized, adaptive website.

To ...

The Need for Better Data Analytics Is Driving the Need for MDM at the FDA

October 10, 2016

The FDA, a LumenData client, wants to gain higher quality insights into the US pharmaceutical supply chain and to make the drug approval process more efficient.  Like many others, the FDA understands that improving its effectiveness requires better analytics.  But to get better analytics, the data about the key entities of interest, i.e., master data, must be conformed.  For the FDA, that means conforming key entities of interests such as the physical facilities, businesses, products, and ingredients.

Traditional master data management (MDM) capabilities, such as improving quality, identifying duplicates, and consolidating master entries across disparate systems, are all critical for better analytics.  However, even greater insights can be gained by leveraging MDM to manage and to traverse the complex relationships between these master data entities.  Although this work is challenging technically, doing it correctly is a critical ...